Chipmunk Crisps

Chipmunk Crisps were made in Long Buckby in the 1970s. Chipmunk was famous for its Oxo flavour. We’ve found photos of Salt & Vinegar flavour too. We think there was a Tomato Sauce flavour. Can anyone verify that?

  • Oxo
  • Salt & Vinegar
  • Tomato Sauce

11 thoughts on “Chipmunk Crisps

  1. I remember smiths crisps were first to be produced in the late 50s – plain flavour with a little blue paper twist parcel of salt. I recall that chipmunk were the first flavoured crisps with a strong beefy flavour in the early 60s.

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    1. I almost agree I was 13 in 1960 and seem to remember having them before the bit it was 62years ago so I could easily be a couple of years out either way. However what isn’t in doubt is the fact that they were the first flavoured crisps and for me the best ever!

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  2. I remember them very well, my grandmother lived in long buckby and also worked there for many years.she kept an old milk churn on the bottom of the stairs filled with Crisps, oxo was my favourite. Happy memories,


  3. I remember tomato sauce, mint sauce & chipmunk crisps from early 60’s. We bought them from the greengrocer because they were made of potato. Later in the 60’s they were stocked in the off licence.
    I’ve just had a packet of Walkers Marmite crisps & they reminded me of the Chipmunk crisps of my childhood! 😋


  4. When I was a little kid in the late 60s I bought Chipmunk crisps from the ice cream van. Chipmunk cheese and onion had a fantastic flavour which made them my favourite.


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