How we verify our crisp listings

'Certified Genuine' stamp

With many different brands and more than 1000 different flavours around the world, it would be impossible for us to physically check every packet of crisps that we list on this site. However, for crisps that we haven’t come across ourselves, we do run a variety of checks to verify that they are bone fide:

  • Listing on brand or shop website
  • Photograph taken by blogger or other crisp enthusiast
  • Taste test/review by enthusiast/blogger/journalist
  • Photograph of crisp packet on marketplace website (this is a good source for historic crisp flavours)
  • Mention in online news article (this is a particularly good source for special edition crisps that were only available for a short time)
  • Mention in online forum (this can be a good starting point for historical brands and flavours, but we try to verify elsewhere)

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