Rishy Crisps

Rishy XL Crisps

Rishy Crisps was founded in the 1950s in Lancashire. The company moved into a former woollen mill in Great Harwood in the early 1960s. It was later acquired by another Lancashire snacks company, Burtons.

There was possibly a factory fire some time in the 1960s:

“I remember a big fire there in the 1960’s, the floor was covered in hot oil, it ruined our fire boots which were made of leather, after that the brigade changed to a thick soled rubber boot with a steel toe protector.”

Comment via AcringtonWeb.com/forum

Rishy Crisps became known for XL Crisps which were hugely popular in the North of England and Scotland for a time. The XL brand was revived in the 1980s, but just two years later, in 1986, all but two of the staff at the Great Harwood factory were made redundant and the factory ceased production.

Rishy Crisps advert on the back of a bus, Ribble 1961 – Photo C.Wright. (Collection)
Boxes of Rishy Crisps on a platform, Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway 1971.
1950s Rishy Potato Crisps large display advertising tin – via Etsy.
Rishy Crisps beer mat – via Etsy.

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