Crisp that looks like a cat

For many of us, life is a quest for perfection. We strive to find the ideal in things. Michelangelo, an exponent of Neo-platonic theory, sought to create the perfect from base materials.

So too, in the crisp industry. As crisp watchers, we are always looking for the perfect crisp: the marriage of shape, colour, texture and flavour. It is an endless journey and it has taken us to some incredible places. We’re here to celebrate the joy of crisps, not make a packet.

When it comes to the crunch, crisps can also be a canvas for people’s hopes, joys, ambitions dreams. These modest fried slices of potato can unlock new insights and help us look at the world afresh.

As we scour the internet, we occasionally come across manifestations of these hopes. The crisp that looks like Elvis or the crisp that closely resembles the Millennium Falcon. In a spiritual twist of fate, there’s the crisp that bears a striking resemblance to Gary Lineker. There’s the PacMan crisp, the chewed bear crisp, the apple crisp. These tiny shrines to hope are a joy to behold before consumption.

Here are a selection of the crispalikes that we have found on the internet.

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