Hedgehog-flavour Crisps: the first novelty flavour?

Hedgehog flavoured crisps were created in 1981 by Phillip Lewis, landlord of the Vaults public house in Welshpool. He created them as a joke, in part inspired by a Gypsy tale of eating baked hedgehog. Just to be sure no-one worried about actual hedgehogs, the back of the packet had a disclaimer: “Savour all theContinue reading “Hedgehog-flavour Crisps: the first novelty flavour?”

The weird and the wonderful: 30 of the strangest crisp flavours

One of the joys of being a crisp professional is the opportunity to explore the variety of crisp flavours worldwide. We’ve now charted more than 600 and the list is growing all the time, thanks our growing network of crisp spotters. With crisp curation comes great responsibility. We’re very strict about crisps and rightly so.Continue reading “The weird and the wonderful: 30 of the strangest crisp flavours”