Finding new flavours: The French Kitchen’s crisps

We’re always on the lookout for new flavours to add to the Flavour Index, so I was very excited to find a whole new handmade-crisp company today. They’ve been around for a couple of years, it seems, so how did we miss them before?! Anyhoo, their crisps come in several classic flavours with a FrenchContinue reading “Finding new flavours: The French Kitchen’s crisps”

Beer and crisps used to cut carbon emissions

Here’s a story we missed at the end of last year: Walkers Crisps have unveiled technology that could reduce their CO2 emissions by 70%. The technology mixes CO2 captured from a brewery’s beer fermentation process with potato waste and turns it into fertiliser. Manufacturing fertiliser usually creates a lot of CO2 emissions, but Walkers’ newContinue reading “Beer and crisps used to cut carbon emissions”

Crisp News in Brief

He founded a multi-million crisp empire and then lost it all John Mudd, the founder of Real Crisps, saw his fortunes rise to stellar heights and then come back down to earth, but he is far from bitter about his change in circumstances: “I don’t regret anything,” he said matter-of-factly. “I’ve lived like a millionaireContinue reading “Crisp News in Brief”

And there’s more…

We spotted Savoursmiths’ Truffle & Rosemary crisps yesterday, so did a bit of digging. This brought another 7 flavours to the Flavour Index, which now stands at 1131. Here’s the full list of Savoursmith flavours: Bubbly & Serrano Chilli Desert Salt Desert Salt & Vinegar Italian Cheese & Port Somerset Cheddar & Shallot Truffle &Continue reading “And there’s more…”

“Ike’s Love & Potato Chips”

Four new exciting crisp flavours are in development in San Fransisco, California. They are: Godfather Sauce (horseradish, garlic & Dijon mustard) Dirty Sauce (garlic & herb aioli) Ménage à Trois, named after Ike Shehadeh’s signature chicken sandwich, which is made with three cheeses (Swiss, Gouda, pepper jack), topped with three sauces (real honey, honey mustard,Continue reading ““Ike’s Love & Potato Chips””

Chef’s crisps: the Hairy Bikers created four flavours which we wish were still around

We’ve just been tipped off by Neal at Burts Snacks that the Hairy Bikers brought out a range of crisps back in 2010. So we went to investigate. They sound pretty delicious. Sadly they aren’t available in 2020. Keralan King Prawn with Coconut Prosciutto and Blue Cheese Chicken Tom Yum Lemon & Olive Tagine

Blue Star Potato Chips

One of the many businesses that emerged in the early years of crisp commercialisation was Blue Star. Blue Star’s story is in many ways typical of the many crisp producers of the time. The family business was founded in 1939, in Madison, Wisconsin. As demand for its crisps grew, the company moved to Rockford, Illinois,Continue reading “Blue Star Potato Chips”

Now we’ve passed the 1000-flavour mark, we need a rest!

Over the weekend, we took our crisp-flavour count to more than 1000 – and we keep finding more. We’ve been helped in our search by the work already done by the crisp enthusiasts at a couple of excellent crisp blogs: Closet Chipsin’ and Lays Around The World. They’re really worth taking a look at forContinue reading “Now we’ve passed the 1000-flavour mark, we need a rest!”

Other crisp producers #10: Bret’s, Zapp’s, Deep River

Bret’s à l’Ancienne au sel de Guérande (Old style with Guérande salt) Aïoli  au Fromage du Jura (with Jura cheese) au sel de Guérande (with Guérande salt) aux Cèpes (with porcini mushrooms) Bacon Grillé (Grilled Bacon) Camembert  Cheddar Oignons de Roscoff (Cheddar & Roscoff Onion) Chèvre Piment d’Espelette (Goat Cheese & Espelette Pepper) Chips deContinue reading “Other crisp producers #10: Bret’s, Zapp’s, Deep River”