I might have a new favourite flavour

Two Farmers Woodland Mushroom crisp packet

I went for a walk with friends today in Ashmore Wood in North Dorset. The sun came out and the bluebells and other wild flowers looked amazing. Caught a glimpse of a deer leaping away and we were surrounded by birdsong. We had flask coffee and homemade flapjacks afterwards, and then drove to Chettle, to buy lunch from the village store, which has to be one of the best little village shops I’ve ever come across. We were too late for their pies, but the store is full of high quality food, from fresh sandwiches to Booja Booja vegan chocolate truffles and Two Farmers’ delicious crisps. I was very excited to find Two Farmers have a new flavour (not sure how new, but new to me anyway!) and I think it might be my new favourite: Woodland Mushroom & Wild Garlic. I was also extremely pleased to find they seem to have made their compostable packaging even better, so the crisps were truly crispy.

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