We’ve found a bunch of new flavours

Seven packets of crisps

The amount of different crisp/potato chip flavours in the world is extraordinary. Recently Smiths launched five new ones in collaboration with Subway, taken from some of their most popular menu items:

  • Meatball Sub
  • Pizza Sub
  • Chicken Teriyaki Sub
  • Red Rooster Crinkle Reds Fried Chicken Burger
  • Mad Mex Double Crunch Hot Sauce

And we’ve also discovered there’re banana-flavoured and peach-flavoured potato chips in Japan. Now that really is bananas!

3 thoughts on “We’ve found a bunch of new flavours

  1. Come on Smith’s! I’ve seen a random increase in bananna crisps at Tkmaxx! Given them a wide birth so far! Lol! But latest discovery of loveliness …smart fries honey bbq …omg! They do a nice jalapeno one too … and they are supposed to be healthier ( but prob not in the portion size I eat them!) Lol!!


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