3 thoughts on “One for the history books

  1. Fab to hear your mention! Have you done the crisp rewards recently? ( I tipped you off about brown bag S and V, it was when your collaborator was travelling abroad … seems a while back?!)


    1. Hi Michelle – we haven’t. I’m feeling really guilty about not getting round to it, but life gets in the way sometimes. We’re hoping to do the 2nd awards this year. And, yes, that was a while back…


      1. Oh no! Don’t feel guilty! We’ve been in a vortex of crazy times! I’d just wondered if I’d missed them! Me and my crisp collaborator are just still excited that there us a museum of crisps! And looking at your other post, with lots of new flavours to sample!!!!! Ps, on the S&V … silversmiths are another of our top faves!!!!!!!


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