Scottish potato farmers left in the lurch

Brexit uncertainty is threatening Scotland’s potato farmers. The Scottish seed potato industry is one of the biggest exporters for the production of chips and crisps in the world. Scottish seed potatoes are seen as the Gold Standard, as they’re less prone to disease than potatoes grown in warmer climates. The farmers have been told byContinue reading “Scottish potato farmers left in the lurch”

RIP Brannigans, the pub crisps

Brannigans Crisps are no more. KP Snacks has announced that they’re cutting the brand due to “declining demand”. Brannigans first emerged in the 1980s and quickly became the pub crisp of choice. Its brown paper bags and super-strength roast beef & mustard aroma will be fondly remembered by many. KP replaced the paper bags withContinue reading “RIP Brannigans, the pub crisps”

“Ike’s Love & Potato Chips”

Four new exciting crisp flavours are in development in San Fransisco, California. They are: Godfather Sauce (horseradish, garlic & Dijon mustard) Dirty Sauce (garlic & herb aioli) Ménage à Trois, named after Ike Shehadeh’s signature chicken sandwich, which is made with three cheeses (Swiss, Gouda, pepper jack), topped with three sauces (real honey, honey mustard,Continue reading ““Ike’s Love & Potato Chips””

Rileys Crisps

Who remembers Rileys Crisps? Alongside standard flavours such as Cheese & Onion and Salt & Vinegar, Rileys created some pretty unusual ones, including New Potatoes with Mint, Scampi & Lemon and Grouse flavour. Rileys Crisps was founded in 1947, just after the end of the Second World War, by Bill Riley, son of a fishContinue reading “Rileys Crisps”

When is a crisp packet not a crisp packet?

If you’re a keen crisp collector, vintage crisp packets can be quite a draw. But buyer beware, particularly of ‘unused’ crisp packets. It wouldn’t cost very much to print something that looks vintage, so unused packets may not be what they seem. A quick online marketplace search for ‘old crisp packets’, for instance, brought upContinue reading “When is a crisp packet not a crisp packet?”

Two Farmers’ compostable crisp bags

In 2019, Two Farmers became the first company to pack their crisps in compostable bags. The bags are made from cellulose & sustainably grown eucalyptus trees, and are 100% plastic-free. They are designed to compost down in 26 weeks. You can read more about it here. Update: Which? has just issued a report on worstContinue reading “Two Farmers’ compostable crisp bags”

Now we’ve passed the 1000-flavour mark, we need a rest!

Over the weekend, we took our crisp-flavour count to more than 1000 – and we keep finding more. We’ve been helped in our search by the work already done by the crisp enthusiasts at a couple of excellent crisp blogs: Closet Chipsin’ and Lays Around The World. They’re really worth taking a look at forContinue reading “Now we’ve passed the 1000-flavour mark, we need a rest!”