Recent crisp news…

When the (potato) chips are down… A lorryload of potato crisps destined for a Northern Ireland supermarket was held up for two days because of Brexit checks… Walkers’ new KFC-flavour crisps MIA… A KentLive reporter went in search of Walkers’ new fried poultry flavour crisps but the results were paltry. ChronicleLive waxes lyricalContinue reading “Recent crisp news…”

More than 180 flavours of Lay’s crisps

You can find Lay’s crisps all around the world, from Lithuania to Argentina, Indonesia to Canada, Romania to India… The list of flavours is immense, so we’re constantly adding more. Lay’s is part of Pepsico, which also owns Walkers (UK and Ireland), Smiths (Australia), Margarita (Columbia), Sabritas (Mexico), Chipsy (Egypt and the Balkans, and TapuchipsContinue reading “More than 180 flavours of Lay’s crisps”

141 flavours – Walkers crisps with lots of Special Editions

Walkers Crisps have been extremely busy over the years, creating a huge catalogue of crisp varieties. They’ve encouraged their customers to join in, with the “Do us a Flavour” campaign, and played to a nostalgic affection for crisps of past, too. This list isn’t exhaustive, but should give you a ‘flavour’ of their range. AmericanContinue reading “141 flavours – Walkers crisps with lots of Special Editions”