More than 180 flavours of Lay’s crisps

You can find Lay’s crisps all around the world, from Lithuania to Argentina, Indonesia to Canada, Romania to India… The list of flavours is immense, so we’re constantly adding more. Lay’s is part of Pepsico, which also owns Walkers (UK and Ireland), Smiths (Australia), Margarita (Columbia), Sabritas (Mexico), Chipsy (Egypt and the Balkans, and TapuchipsContinue reading “More than 180 flavours of Lay’s crisps”

29 flavours from Smiths

The Smiths Potato Crisps Company was the first to add seasoning to crisps, in 1920: a twist of salt, provided with their plain crisps, which were sold in and around London. They expanded into the Australian market in 1932, where the Smiths brand still thrives today. American Pulled Pork  Barbecue  BBQ Meatlovers Bovril Cheese &Continue reading “29 flavours from Smiths”

Salt & Vinegar

By 1934, 200 million packets of crisps were sold in Britain each year, 95 percent of which were manufactured by Smith’s. Smiths was initially slow to join the flavour revolution, but eventually brought out a salt ‘n’ vinegar flavoured crisp, tested first by its Geordie subsidiary Tudor, and launched nationally in 1967. Though they didContinue reading “Salt & Vinegar”

First commercial crisp: Salt ’n’ Shake

The first company to sell crisps commercially was The Smiths Potato Crisps Company Ltd, founded in Cricklewood, London in 1920 by Frank Smith and Jim Viney. They provided a twist of salt with their crisps, which were sold in London in greaseproof paper bags. Originally branded as Salt ’n’ Shake crisps, plain crisps with optionalContinue reading “First commercial crisp: Salt ’n’ Shake”