I might have a new favourite flavour

I went for a walk with friends today in Ashmore Wood in North Dorset. The sun came out and the bluebells and other wild flowers looked amazing. Caught a glimpse of a deer leaping away and we were surrounded by birdsong. We had flask coffee and homemade flapjacks afterwards, and then drove to Chettle, toContinue reading “I might have a new favourite flavour”

Dakota Style potato crisps

Dakota Style was founded in 1985. It began as a family business making kettle-style chips on a farm near Clark, South Dakota. The website lists these as all the Dakota Style potato chip flavours: Buffalo Ranch Cayenne Chili Lime Cinnamon Churro Dill Pickle Honey Mustard Jalapeño Mesquite BBQ Nice N’ Spicy Original Salt & VinegarContinue reading “Dakota Style potato crisps”

Chef’s crisps: the Hairy Bikers created four flavours which we wish were still around

We’ve just been tipped off by Neal at Burts Snacks that the Hairy Bikers brought out a range of crisps back in 2010. So we went to investigate. They sound pretty delicious. Sadly they aren’t available in 2020. Keralan King Prawn with Coconut Prosciutto and Blue Cheese Chicken Tom Yum Lemon & Olive Tagine

When is a crisp packet not a crisp packet?

If you’re a keen crisp collector, vintage crisp packets can be quite a draw. But buyer beware, particularly of ‘unused’ crisp packets. It wouldn’t cost very much to print something that looks vintage, so unused packets may not be what they seem. A quick online marketplace search for ‘old crisp packets’, for instance, brought upContinue reading “When is a crisp packet not a crisp packet?”

Two Farmers’ compostable crisp bags

In 2019, Two Farmers became the first company to pack their crisps in compostable bags. The bags are made from cellulose & sustainably grown eucalyptus trees, and are 100% plastic-free. They are designed to compost down in 26 weeks. You can read more about it here. Update: Which? has just issued a report on worstContinue reading “Two Farmers’ compostable crisp bags”

1944 British Pathé: Boy Steps Out

It’s 1944. A young boy, about five years old, sets off from home with a knotted bag on a stick. His provisions: a packet of crisps. In 1944, packets of crisps were hard to come by. The Battle of the Atlantic was in its fourth year. Rationing was at its height. As the commentator notesContinue reading “1944 British Pathé: Boy Steps Out”

Crisp packaging

In the early years, crisps were sold in bulk from barrels or glass display cases or supplied to customers in tins. This limited the production possibilities. In 1927, Laura Scudder entered the crisp business, with the Laura Scudder Potato Chip Factory. She was a packaging innovator: she started paying her workers to take home sheetsContinue reading “Crisp packaging”

Blue Star Potato Chips

One of the many businesses that emerged in the early years of crisp commercialisation was Blue Star. Blue Star’s story is in many ways typical of the many crisp producers of the time. The family business was founded in 1939, in Madison, Wisconsin. As demand for its crisps grew, the company moved to Rockford, Illinois,Continue reading “Blue Star Potato Chips”