1944 British Pathé: Boy Steps Out

1940s movie camera

It’s 1944. A young boy, about five years old, sets off from home with a knotted bag on a stick. His provisions: a packet of crisps. In 1944, packets of crisps were hard to come by. The Battle of the Atlantic was in its fourth year. Rationing was at its height. As the commentator notes a little indignantly:

“What? Potato crisps, these days? His father must be in the business.”

Voiceover, Boy Steps Out, 1944, British Pathé
Still from Boy Steps Out, 1944, British Pathé. It’s a shame we can’t see the brand.

There’s a brief appearance of a crisp-related building in a British Pathé film from 1934: the Smiths Factory on the Golden Mile, Brentford.

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