6 facts about crisps

6 facts about crisps

Crunching a crisp is as noisy as standing next to a busy road or doing the vacuum cleaning. That’s “annoyingly noisy”, according to the official Noise Comparison chart. Research shows that people like crunchy crisps. If crisps aren’t crunchy, they aren’t nearly as fun to eat.


The first crisp flavour ever was Cheese & Onion. Irish crisp company Tayto’s invented it in 1954. You can read more about it here. Cheese & Onion is still the most popular flavour in the UK and Ireland.

Tayto's cheese & onion

More than 1,000 crisp flavours have been created since Tayto’s invented Cheese & Onion flavour. We’ve found more than 1,080 of them. We reckon there are 100s more. Our full list of flavours is here. We update it pretty frequently.

Just one of these flavours isn’t real, and it might not be the one you think…

Some crisp companies run flavour-inventing competitions. This is why some of the most bizarre flavours exist, like “Cajun Squirrel” and “Builder’s Breakfast”. You can find more strange flavours here.

Crisps used to be sold in tins. A few still are, today. You can find out more about crisp packaging here.

Old Utz tin

Scandinavian microbrewery St Erik’s created its exclusive crisps with the help of a team of chefs. A box of 5 crisps cost £46.

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