The Walkers Switch Podcast

We were tipped off about this gripping podcast last week. It isn’t an exaggeration to call it mind-blowing. “Two out of three people remember Walkers switching the colours of their Cheese & Onion and Salt & Vinegar crisp packets. But Walkers deny it ever happened. Are they lying? If so, why? The Walkers Switch investigatesContinue reading “The Walkers Switch Podcast”

When is a crisp packet not a crisp packet?

If you’re a keen crisp collector, vintage crisp packets can be quite a draw. But buyer beware, particularly of ‘unused’ crisp packets. It wouldn’t cost very much to print something that looks vintage, so unused packets may not be what they seem. A quick online marketplace search for ‘old crisp packets’, for instance, brought upContinue reading “When is a crisp packet not a crisp packet?”

1944 British Pathé: Boy Steps Out

It’s 1944. A young boy, about five years old, sets off from home with a knotted bag on a stick. His provisions: a packet of crisps. In 1944, packets of crisps were hard to come by. The Battle of the Atlantic was in its fourth year. Rationing was at its height. As the commentator notesContinue reading “1944 British Pathé: Boy Steps Out”

6 facts about crisps

Crunching a crisp is as noisy as standing next to a busy road or doing the vacuum cleaning. That’s “annoyingly noisy”, according to the official Noise Comparison chart. Research shows that people like crunchy crisps. If crisps aren’t crunchy, they aren’t nearly as fun to eat. The first crisp flavour ever was Cheese & Onion.Continue reading “6 facts about crisps”

Crisps immortalised in Song

Crisps get a mention in many popular songs, and they’re even the subject of one 1980’s song: “Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, Please” by Splodgenessabounds. In honour of its total Crispness, we’ve included the lyrics in full below: Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps, please.Two pints of lagerContinue reading “Crisps immortalised in Song”

12 crisp facts

We’re often asked what our favourite crisp facts are. Let’s face it: few things are as consistently enthralling as crisps, which makes singling out our favourite facts quite difficult. Testament to this is the sheer number of news titles specifically devoted to potatoes, the principal ingredient of crisps. There’s, Potato, Potato Review, Chinese PotatoContinue reading “12 crisp facts”

British Society of Flavourists

For the first 130 years after the creation of the crisp, the only flavours were salted or unsalted. Then, in the 1950s, crisp manufacturers began to invent ways to add flavoru, and cheese & onion, salt & vinegar and barbecue flavour crisps were launched in the UK and USA. By 1970, the public’s taste forContinue reading “British Society of Flavourists”