Hedgehog-flavour Crisps: the first novelty flavour?

Hedgehog flavoured crisps were created in 1981 by Phillip Lewis, landlord of the Vaults public house in Welshpool. He created them as a joke, in part inspired by a Gypsy tale of eating baked hedgehog. Just to be sure no-one worried about actual hedgehogs, the back of the packet had a disclaimer: “Savour all theContinue reading “Hedgehog-flavour Crisps: the first novelty flavour?”

Smith’s beautiful factory buildings

Smith’s Crisps started life in a garage behind the Cricklewood Crown pub. Frank Smith and his wife cooked the crisps and sold them to the pub clientele. Soon Smith was selling them across London from his pony and trap, and within a year, they had taken on 12 full-time staff to keep up with demand.Continue reading “Smith’s beautiful factory buildings”

Tudor Crisps

Tudor Crisps was founded in Sunderland in 1947. They moved to Newcastle in 1961 when the brand was acquired by Smiths Crisps. Tudor became known for its unusual (at the time) choice of flavours including Tomato Ketchup, Hot Dog & Mustard, And Pickled Onion. Tudor’s packets were colour-coded: Cheese & Onion sold in blue packets,Continue reading “Tudor Crisps”

Mikesell’s: the original crisp producer

Mikesell’s claims to be the oldest potato chip company in the United States. In 2010, Mikesell’s celebrated 100 years of selling crisps. Original Himalayan Sea Salt & Vinegar No Salt Green Onion Honey Barbecue Barbecue Zesty Barbecue Mesquite Smoked Bacon Cheddar & Sour Cream Good’n Hot Sweet Chili

20 Varieties of Tayto’s

In 1954, Tayto’s created the first flavoured crisp: Cheese & Onion, produced in a factory on Moore Street, Dublin. Cheese & Onion flavour crisps have been popular ever since, and are consistently the #1 choice in Ireland and Great Britain. Arriba Arriba Mexicana Bacon & Cabbage Bacon Melt Bang Bang Spicy Thai BBQ Steak BeefContinue reading “20 Varieties of Tayto’s”

29 flavours from Smiths

The Smiths Potato Crisps Company was the first to add seasoning to crisps, in 1920: a twist of salt, provided with their plain crisps, which were sold in and around London. They expanded into the Australian market in 1932, where the Smiths brand still thrives today. American Pulled Pork  Barbecue  BBQ Meatlovers Bovril Cheese &Continue reading “29 flavours from Smiths”

US first: Barbecue flavour crisps

The first flavoured crisps in the United States, barbecue flavour, were being manufactured and sold by 1954. Herr’s and Ley’s both produced crisps with that flavour in the 1950s. It was the only flavour available in the United States other than the conventional salted chip until the introduction of Sour Cream & Onion in theContinue reading “US first: Barbecue flavour crisps”

British Society of Flavourists

For the first 130 years after the creation of the crisp, the only flavours were salted or unsalted. Then, in the 1950s, crisp manufacturers began to invent ways to add flavoru, and cheese & onion, salt & vinegar and barbecue flavour crisps were launched in the UK and USA. By 1970, the public’s taste forContinue reading “British Society of Flavourists”