20 Varieties of Tayto’s… and Tayto’s

The information on this post has been updated. In 1954, Joe ‘Spud’ Murphy founded Tayto Crisps. He created the first flavoured crisp: Cheese & Onion, produced in a factory on Moore Street, Dublin. His technique became widely sought after by crisp manufacturers. Cheese & Onion flavour crisps have been popular ever since, and are consistentlyContinue reading “20 Varieties of Tayto’s… and Tayto’s”

First flavour: Cheese & Onion

The first flavoured crisp was Cheese & Onion. Ireland’s Tayto Company has probably the best claim to being first to launch cheese & onion into the crisp market. Joe “Spud” Murphy, founder of Tayto, set out to add flavour to crisps in 1954, launching cheese & onion soon afterwards. The flavoured crisps were an immediateContinue reading “First flavour: Cheese & Onion”