Hedgehog-flavour Crisps: the first novelty flavour?

Hedgehog flavoured crisps were created in 1981 by Phillip Lewis, landlord of the Vaults public house in Welshpool. He created them as a joke, in part inspired by a Gypsy tale of eating baked hedgehog. Just to be sure no-one worried about actual hedgehogs, the back of the packet had a disclaimer: “Savour all theContinue reading “Hedgehog-flavour Crisps: the first novelty flavour?”

Some honorable mentions…

These are all the other crisps we’ve found so far. Some are complete brand flavour listings. Some need delving into more deeply. San Carlo Campagnola Coconut & Turmeric (Cocco e Curcuma) Ginger Italian Salami Lime & Red Pepper Mild Chilli Mint & Chilli Pepper Paprika Paprika & Mango Plain, Rustica Simply Salted Seasonal Cherry TomatoesContinue reading “Some honorable mentions…”