RIP Brannigans, the pub crisps

Brannigans Crisps are no more. KP Snacks has announced that they’re cutting the brand due to “declining demand”. Brannigans first emerged in the 1980s and quickly became the pub crisp of choice. Its brown paper bags and super-strength roast beef & mustard aroma will be fondly remembered by many. KP replaced the paper bags withContinue reading “RIP Brannigans, the pub crisps”

Some honorable mentions…

These are all the other crisps we’ve found so far. Some are complete brand flavour listings. Some need delving into more deeply. San Carlo Campagnola Coconut & Turmeric (Cocco e Curcuma) Ginger Italian Salami Lime & Red Pepper Mild Chilli Mint & Chilli Pepper Paprika Paprika & Mango Plain, Rustica Simply Salted Seasonal Cherry TomatoesContinue reading “Some honorable mentions…”