RIP Brannigans, the pub crisps

Brannigans Crisps are no more. KP Snacks has announced that they’re cutting the brand due to “declining demand”. Brannigans first emerged in the 1980s and quickly became the pub crisp of choice. Its brown paper bags and super-strength roast beef & mustard aroma will be fondly remembered by many.

Roast Beef & Mustard crisps

KP replaced the paper bags with foil ones in 2000 and things were never quite the same afterwards. The company stated:

“Whilst this product had been cited as a fond favourite, its popularity had regrettably not been shown in consumer demand. In fact, sales of this product had for some time been in a downward trend. Demand from stockists had correspondingly declined. Therefore, sadly, production was no longer commercially viable and the product had to be discontinued. We have no plans to produce these again in the near future.”

Source: Daily Star

Brannigans fans are up in arms.

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