Crisp News in Brief

News in brief

TV show about Walkers airing this weekend

The Secret World of Crisps, narrated by Dawn French, will be shown on Channel 4 at 8pm on Sunday night. More here.

Life-saving crisp packet

An NYPD officer saved the life of a stabbing victim with potato chip bag and tape. The officer’s quick thinking and ingenuity was captured on his body cam. More here.

Smiths Crisps clock up 90 years in Australia

Frank Smith and George Ensor started the first Smiths Crisps factory in Sydney’s Surry Hills, where the chips were cooked in gas-fired pots, hand-packed, then sold in tins. More here.

2 thoughts on “Crisp News in Brief

  1. Out of curiosity I googled to find when the potato crisp was invented and came, purely by chance, across your wonderful website. Love it! So much to explore. It will keep me amused for hours. Love the retriever shaped crisp.

    Keep up the good work.


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