Merry Crispmas and a crackly New Year from the MoC

Christmas tree decoration

It’s that time of year when all we want is to hunker down in the cosy glow of a seasonal fire, drink a warming glass of mulled wine and snack on some crisps. There’s nothing quite like the taste sensation of biting into a tasty, crunchy crisp. These are some of our favourite flavours this Christmas:

  • French Camembert with Rosemary & Wild Garlic
  • Lobster Cocktail
  • Cheddar Cheese & Truffle
  • Ultimate Roast Potato
  • Extra Special Sweet Chilli
  • Bronze Turkey with Sage & Onion
  • Truffle Cheese with a splash of Sparkling Wine
  • Iberio Ham & Fig

Happy munching!

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