Mikesell’s: the original crisp producer

Mikesell’s claims to be the oldest potato chip company in the United States. In 2010, Mikesell’s celebrated 100 years of selling crisps. Original Himalayan Sea Salt & Vinegar No Salt Green Onion Honey Barbecue Barbecue Zesty Barbecue Mesquite Smoked Bacon Cheddar & Sour Cream Good’n Hot Sweet Chili

Other crisp producers #3: Mackie’s, Keogh’s, Highlander

Mackie’s Arran Honey Mustard Caramelised Red Onion Cherry Tomato & Herbs Crispy Bacon Flamegrilled Aberdeen Angus Haggis & Cracked Black Pepper Lightly Salted Mature Cheddar & Onion Prawn Cocktail Roast Ham Salted Caramel (produced for the Chinese market) Scotch Bonnet Chilli Pepper Sea Salt Sea Salt & Mixed Peppercorns Sea Salt & Vinegar Strawberry (producedContinue reading “Other crisp producers #3: Mackie’s, Keogh’s, Highlander”

Other crisp producers #3: Brown Bag, Fiddler’s Lancashire and Real Crisps Co

Brown Bag Lightly Salted Mature Cheddar, Manchego & Onion Oak Smoked Chilli Rosemary & Sea Salt Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar Smoked Bacon Tiger Prawn with Chilli & Lime West Country Farmhouse Cheddar & Onion Fiddler’s Lancashire Cracked Black Pepper and Sea Salt Lancashire Black Pudding & English Mustard Lancashire Cheese & Onion Lancashire SauceContinue reading “Other crisp producers #3: Brown Bag, Fiddler’s Lancashire and Real Crisps Co”

55 flavours from Marks & Spencer

BBQ Sausage & Smokehouse Ketchup Beef Wellington Black Truffle & Olive Oil Blacksticks Blue Cheese & Figgy Pickle Bloody Mary Bucks Fizz Cheese & Onion Chorizo & Cheese Cracked Pepper & Salt Flame Grilled Steak & Onion Four Cheese & Red Onion Free Range Chicken, Mustard & Worcester Sauce Glazed Gammmon & Whisky Great BritishContinue reading “55 flavours from Marks & Spencer”

47 Tesco flavours

Beef & Onion Beef Steak & Spiced Mustard Braised Ribs with Ancho Chilli Camembert with Rosemary Candy Cane Cheese & Onion Cocoa & Spiced Rum Coconut Chicken Curry Cornish Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar Creamy Brie & Cranberry Cumberland Sausage & Wholegrain English Mustard Gammon with Winter Berries Ginger & Chilli Ginger & Bird’s EyeContinue reading “47 Tesco flavours”

20 Varieties of Tayto’s

In 1954, Tayto’s created the first flavoured crisp: Cheese & Onion, produced in a factory on Moore Street, Dublin. Cheese & Onion flavour crisps have been popular ever since, and are consistently the #1 choice in Ireland and Great Britain. Arriba Arriba Mexicana Bacon & Cabbage Bacon Melt Bang Bang Spicy Thai BBQ Steak BeefContinue reading “20 Varieties of Tayto’s”

Other crisp producers #2: Kent, Great British Crisp Co, Corkers

Kent Crisps Ashmore Cheese and Onion Ham & Mustard Oyster and Vinegar Roast Beef & Spitfire Ale Sea Salt Sea Salt Vinegar and Biddenden Cider Smoked Chipotle Chilli Great British Crisp Co Pure Natural Unseasoned Cornish Sea Salt™ Cornish Sea Salt™ & Cider Vinegar Cornish Sea Salt™ & Luxury Black Pepper Westcountry Cheddar Cheese &Continue reading “Other crisp producers #2: Kent, Great British Crisp Co, Corkers”

Other crisp producers #1: Burts, Fairfields Farm and Yorkshire Crisps

Burts Aberdeen Angus Bloody Mary Chicken Tikka Colombo Curry (created with Hans van Wolde) Devon Roast Beef Firecracker Lobster Fish n’ Chips Guinness Guinness Rich Chilli Hobgoblin Golden Roasted Ham & Pickle Hobgoblin Spit Roast Steak Hot Chilli Lemon Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey Lamb, Mint & Mango Mature Cheddar & Spring Onion Pesto Roast TurkeyContinue reading “Other crisp producers #1: Burts, Fairfields Farm and Yorkshire Crisps”

80 variations on a Kettle chip

Avocado Oil Chili Lime Avocado Oil Hawaiian Barbeque Avocado Oil Himalayan Salt Avocado Oil Tropical Salsa Backyard Barbecue Baked Camembert & Oak Smoked Garlic Beef, Red Wine & Shallot Blue Stilton & Port Bourbon BBQ Buffalo Bleu Buttermilk Chicken & Sriracha Mayo Carolina BBQ Cheddar & Sour Cream Cheddar Beer Cheshire Cheese & Chutney CheshireContinue reading “80 variations on a Kettle chip”

43 of Tyrrell’s finest

Aberdeen Angus Beef & English Mustard Aphrodisiac Honey & Chilli Beach Barbecue Black Truffle & Sea Salt British Beef & Suffolk Ale Butter & Mint Cheese & Pickled Onion Coronation Chicken Cotswold Brie & Bacon Curry Night Korma English Barbecue English Summer Barbecue Ham & Cranberry Ham, Cheese & Tomato Honey Roast Ham & CranberryContinue reading “43 of Tyrrell’s finest”