Blue Star Potato Chips

One of the many businesses that emerged in the early years of crisp commercialisation was Blue Star. Blue Star’s story is in many ways typical of the many crisp producers of the time. The family business was founded in 1939, in Madison, Wisconsin. As demand for its crisps grew, the company moved to Rockford, Illinois,Continue reading “Blue Star Potato Chips”

Hedgehog-flavour Crisps: the first novelty flavour?

Hedgehog flavoured crisps were created in 1981 by Phillip Lewis, landlord of the Vaults public house in Welshpool. He created them as a joke, in part inspired by a Gypsy tale of eating baked hedgehog. Just to be sure no-one worried about actual hedgehogs, the back of the packet had a disclaimer: “Savour all theContinue reading “Hedgehog-flavour Crisps: the first novelty flavour?”

Smith’s beautiful factory buildings

Smith’s Crisps started life in a garage behind the Cricklewood Crown pub. Frank Smith and his wife cooked the crisps and sold them to the pub clientele. Soon Smith was selling them across London from his pony and trap, and within a year, they had taken on 12 full-time staff to keep up with demand.Continue reading “Smith’s beautiful factory buildings”

How we verify our crisp listings

With many different brands and more than 1000 different flavours around the world, it would be impossible for us to physically check every packet of crisps that we list on this site. However, for crisps that we haven’t come across ourselves, we do run a variety of checks to verify that they are bone fide:Continue reading “How we verify our crisp listings”

Now we’ve passed the 1000-flavour mark, we need a rest!

Over the weekend, we took our crisp-flavour count to more than 1000 – and we keep finding more. We’ve been helped in our search by the work already done by the crisp enthusiasts at a couple of excellent crisp blogs: Closet Chipsin’ and Lays Around The World. They’re really worth taking a look at forContinue reading “Now we’ve passed the 1000-flavour mark, we need a rest!”

Other crisp producers #10: Bret’s, Zapp’s, Deep River

Bret’s à l’Ancienne au sel de Guérande (Old style with Guérande salt) Aïoli  au Fromage du Jura (with Jura cheese) au sel de Guérande (with Guérande salt) aux Cèpes (with porcini mushrooms) Bacon Grillé (Grilled Bacon) Camembert  Cheddar Oignons de Roscoff (Cheddar & Roscoff Onion) Chèvre Piment d’Espelette (Goat Cheese & Espelette Pepper) Chips deContinue reading “Other crisp producers #10: Bret’s, Zapp’s, Deep River”

Other crisp producers #9: Gurma, Estrella, Boulder Canyon

Gurma Barbecue (Barbacoa) Cheese & Onion Chorizo Chilli Classic Fried Egg Garlic & Parsley Ham Ibiza Salt Mojo Picón (Garlic dipping oil) Olive Oil Pizza Rustic (Campesina) Salt & Vinegar Tomato Turmeric & Pepper Estrella BBQ Cheese Cream Cheese Crusty Pizza Dill Fragrant Dill Fresh Garlic Garden Dill Grilled Paprika Ketchup Pepper Pizza Salt &Continue reading “Other crisp producers #9: Gurma, Estrella, Boulder Canyon”